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Sundans has been working with FL Studio for approximately two years now, with very little experience in any other DAW or in music.

25, Male

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Posted by Sundans - April 13th, 2014

Sundans has come a long way from its first few tracks and I am proud of the project's steady progression. I have personally learned a lot in the way of music production and sound design over the past few months -- and I think it shows in my most recent releases. I just want to take a moment and thank all of those who have given me advice or feedback, as well as those who just drop by and listen.

Overall, I have worked in collaboration with some talented artists, gotten a track up on the Essex BBC Radio, and even gotten recommended for local clubs and their venues -- so 2014 has been a great year so far. I really want to thank you all for it. Let's get ready to kick it in the summer, eh?

Posted by Sundans - December 20th, 2013

Now, now - I know what you are thinking. Paul has joined the circus and now it is up to the new guy to solely control the direction of Sundans... me. Well, you know what? You're right! Paul has run away and joined the circus! I am now the benevolent dictator of Sundans.

Now, the change doesn't really entail much. Paul has been part of Sundans since its creation in the summer of 2012, but he has been on a six month hiatus this the past year for numerous personal reasons. You know... "feels" and shit. Ever since the track "A Heart Aflame", the music has been produced exclusively by me. I'd like to think I've improved since that track; and I'm hopeful that I maybe - just maybe - have surpassed Paul's skills. So with that, I wish Paul the best and hope he has a great life. See you, mate!


Posted by Sundans - August 21st, 2013

Alright folks, Paul has been on a hiatus for the past month, so production speed has slowed considerably. What's more, he will be absent from production for the next few months, so I (Mike) will be producing solo in the future. Hope you like my baws production skillz!


Paul's Hiatus

Posted by Sundans - May 12th, 2013

Something that has always puzzled us is the stinginess of some of our fellow artists. Many argue that replicating sounds that another artist has made is not the way to find your own personal style. We'd like to argue against that notion. If an artist wants to know how we made a sound, or what sound we used, we tell them and show them. The ridiculous notion that we must protect our brand and style is absurd. Mike believes that it is grounded in a fear that, if another artist were to replicate, for example, Skrillex's FM8 growl, the artist would want to sound like Skrillex. While both of us disagree with each other on the degree of freedom it gives artists, we both recognize that beginning artists should have the right to experiment with other people's sounds.

An artist's work comes from inspiration, often from another person's track. If we are unwilling to share with one another, bland monopolization on sound will become more commonplace. That is why we here at Sundans salute those who take their time to share their tips and tricks with others.

Finding your own sound?

Posted by Sundans - March 3rd, 2013

Hay, we know that we announced an EP release in the Spring of this year, but we have pushed it back to the summer. We have been working with an animation community to produce an original soundtrack. You can find the WIPs and prototype tracks on our Soundcloud.

The EP will consist of seven tracks, all possessing a variety in sound and a unique feel. From moombahton and electro, liquid drum n bass and classical, we hope there will be a little bit for every EDM fan.

- Paul & Mike

Posted by Sundans - December 14th, 2012

Hay, since we know our new EP won't be done for another few months or so, we decided to release a single on the 25th of December. The track, entitled "The Celestian" will be an uplifting trance track featuring female Greenlandic vocalist, Leq. We hope you enjoy it on release!

That out of the way, Paul's new computer finally arrived. Now all we need to do is wait for Mike's.


Posted by Sundans - November 16th, 2012

Many people think that musical tastes are exclusive to a single genre, albeit both of us here at Sundans listen to just about everything. We enjoy electronic, obviously, but we also enjoy rock, hip hop, rap, orchestral, funk, soul, jazz, etc. We aren't picky, so no matter what genre you have, if you ask we will listen to it. That being said, we sometimes feel discouraged when listening to another artist's tracks because they sound insanely better than ours. So, we just ask that you spend the time in reviewing our tracks as well. Don't tell us it just sounds good or bad. We want to hear the problems and how you'd fix them so we can get better.

We just ordered a couple of really nice computers for ourselves, which are far better than the ones we are working on now (hell, Mike is operating off of an HP Pavilion) so we should be able to produce higher quality stuff without noise clipping while we produce it. We look forward to being able to produce more optimally.

In addition to all this, we are working on a new EP. The length of it is uncertain, but we will definitely have more than 3 (as three are already half way done). Hopefully this one will be higher quality than the previous one. We got a lot of good feedback from our "Evolution" track, which is great. That means Paul's style was appreciated. When the EP is released, we'd love to hear people speculate about who had the most influence on each track.

-Paul and Mike

Posted by Sundans - September 8th, 2012

Pragmatic Genesis was released both here and on Soundcloud. We are somewhat proud with every track, but we know we still have a lot to work on. From mastering to processing, we will keep improving.

We've also been experimenting a lot with 3xOsc, trying to squeeze as much unique sound as we can out of it. Mike and Paul both discovered some interesting effects and sounds you can do with such a simple VST, and so they recommend that any other amateur artist out there check it out before moving on to the big guns like Massive, Z3ta+ 2, or Synth1.

Posted by Sundans - August 20th, 2012

Hay, I am Paul. I am the founder of Sundans, a new electronic artist duet. I am the one who loves atmosphere and melody, so if you hear it, it was probably all my idea (screw you Mike). I've been listening to electronic music since I was a kid, back in 1992. My favourite artists are Bachelors of Science, Blackmill, and Kode9. I like to eat Indian food, meet women, and listen to good music. Take it out, Mike.

Hay, I'm Mike. I am the co-founder of Sundans. I love bass-intensive music, so if you hear a wobble or sub bass, that'd be me (jokes on you, Paul, I already screwed myself). I've been listening to electronic music for a few years now, though I've learned about its history and classification intensively since I heard it. My favorite artists are Xilent, Nero, and Metrik. I enjoy film, music, reading, writing, and anime. Women can come to, if you're interested. ;D

We'd love it if you'd simply enjoy our music, maybe follow us, but other than that, we don't plan on doing anything crazy. :D

-Paul and Mike