Entry #1

Hay, hello, and salutations.

2012-08-20 21:23:44 by Sundans

Hay, I am Paul. I am the founder of Sundans, a new electronic artist duet. I am the one who loves atmosphere and melody, so if you hear it, it was probably all my idea (screw you Mike). I've been listening to electronic music since I was a kid, back in 1992. My favourite artists are Bachelors of Science, Blackmill, and Kode9. I like to eat Indian food, meet women, and listen to good music. Take it out, Mike.

Hay, I'm Mike. I am the co-founder of Sundans. I love bass-intensive music, so if you hear a wobble or sub bass, that'd be me (jokes on you, Paul, I already screwed myself). I've been listening to electronic music for a few years now, though I've learned about its history and classification intensively since I heard it. My favorite artists are Xilent, Nero, and Metrik. I enjoy film, music, reading, writing, and anime. Women can come to, if you're interested. ;D

We'd love it if you'd simply enjoy our music, maybe follow us, but other than that, we don't plan on doing anything crazy. :D

-Paul and Mike


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