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I get more of a hurried feeling with this track. It seems like the kind of music that'd play when someone wakes up and realizes they are late for work or school -- but that might just be me. I like it from a composition standpoint.

From a production standpoint, the Autogun synth clashes with itself a lot. When you change notes, sometimes an unwanted reesey sound comes through because of the clashing. You can remedy this by sampling and fading the release out, or by using a different synth and recreating the sound. You should also try turning said synth down, it is a bit loud.

Overall, the idea is there. Just cleaning it up in mixing and mastering and you'll get a pretty cool finished product.

Yeelp responds:

Ah, I see what you mean. I'll definitely rework the synth to create a better product for sure, then re upload it. Thanks for the suggestions!

The vocals are done well. I could hear them clearly and understand what they were saying, which is a good thing. Many artists struggle to mix vocals with a track because the voice has such a dynamic range.

However, your percussion needs a bit of work. It felt a little empty in a lot of places and lacked any sort of melody. The bassline also clashes with your kick, and you could remedy that by sidechaining.

Overall I can tell what you are going for. Almost a Pronobozo type of feel. I think you could improve upon this and make it something remarkable. Keep it up and don't stop. :)

I like the spacey atmosphere -- the drum choice is also extremely interesting. It has a very vinyl sort of feel -- not to mention the interesting samples (like the brass sample). I also like the sub. You did a very good job with the bass and kick not really clashing too hard -- and the lose sound pretty clean. I also find it fascinating that you went with stereo for the low-end, since not many producers try things like that very often.

The only critique I have is really about the wobble bass. I recommend modulating the speed of the LFO, so you can get some variation in terms of movement. Overall, I really liked it. :)

Sundans has been working with FL Studio for approximately two years now, with very little experience in any other DAW or in music.

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