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Sundans has been working with FL Studio for approximately two years now, with very little experience in any other DAW or in music.

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New EP, Music Philosophy, and More.

Posted by Sundans - November 16th, 2012

Many people think that musical tastes are exclusive to a single genre, albeit both of us here at Sundans listen to just about everything. We enjoy electronic, obviously, but we also enjoy rock, hip hop, rap, orchestral, funk, soul, jazz, etc. We aren't picky, so no matter what genre you have, if you ask we will listen to it. That being said, we sometimes feel discouraged when listening to another artist's tracks because they sound insanely better than ours. So, we just ask that you spend the time in reviewing our tracks as well. Don't tell us it just sounds good or bad. We want to hear the problems and how you'd fix them so we can get better.

We just ordered a couple of really nice computers for ourselves, which are far better than the ones we are working on now (hell, Mike is operating off of an HP Pavilion) so we should be able to produce higher quality stuff without noise clipping while we produce it. We look forward to being able to produce more optimally.

In addition to all this, we are working on a new EP. The length of it is uncertain, but we will definitely have more than 3 (as three are already half way done). Hopefully this one will be higher quality than the previous one. We got a lot of good feedback from our "Evolution" track, which is great. That means Paul's style was appreciated. When the EP is released, we'd love to hear people speculate about who had the most influence on each track.

-Paul and Mike