Sundans officially a solo project now!

2013-12-20 17:38:07 by Sundans

Now, now - I know what you are thinking. Paul has joined the circus and now it is up to the new guy to solely control the direction of Sundans... me. Well, you know what? You're right! Paul has run away and joined the circus! I am now the benevolent dictator of Sundans.

Now, the change doesn't really entail much. Paul has been part of Sundans since its creation in the summer of 2012, but he has been on a six month hiatus this the past year for numerous personal reasons. You know... "feels" and shit. Ever since the track "A Heart Aflame", the music has been produced exclusively by me. I'd like to think I've improved since that track; and I'm hopeful that I maybe - just maybe - have surpassed Paul's skills. So with that, I wish Paul the best and hope he has a great life. See you, mate!



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