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I get more of a hurried feeling with this track. It seems like the kind of music that'd play when someone wakes up and realizes they are late for work or school -- but that might just be me. I like it from a composition standpoint.

From a production standpoint, the Autogun synth clashes with itself a lot. When you change notes, sometimes an unwanted reesey sound comes through because of the clashing. You can remedy this by sampling and fading the release out, or by using a different synth and recreating the sound. You should also try turning said synth down, it is a bit loud.

Overall, the idea is there. Just cleaning it up in mixing and mastering and you'll get a pretty cool finished product.

Yeelp responds:

Ah, I see what you mean. I'll definitely rework the synth to create a better product for sure, then re upload it. Thanks for the suggestions!

The vocals are done well. I could hear them clearly and understand what they were saying, which is a good thing. Many artists struggle to mix vocals with a track because the voice has such a dynamic range.

However, your percussion needs a bit of work. It felt a little empty in a lot of places and lacked any sort of melody. The bassline also clashes with your kick, and you could remedy that by sidechaining.

Overall I can tell what you are going for. Almost a Pronobozo type of feel. I think you could improve upon this and make it something remarkable. Keep it up and don't stop. :)

I like the spacey atmosphere -- the drum choice is also extremely interesting. It has a very vinyl sort of feel -- not to mention the interesting samples (like the brass sample). I also like the sub. You did a very good job with the bass and kick not really clashing too hard -- and the lose sound pretty clean. I also find it fascinating that you went with stereo for the low-end, since not many producers try things like that very often.

The only critique I have is really about the wobble bass. I recommend modulating the speed of the LFO, so you can get some variation in terms of movement. Overall, I really liked it. :)

The track is pretty good. The guitar is tight and works really well. It sounds a bit thin though, so I'd try and make it sound fuller. The drums are also very good -- it's just they do not feel a part of the track. I'd recommend EQ and further mastering to prevent that from happening.

Other than that, you have a solid track. Nicely done! Keep up the good work. :)

Blacklawn responds:

Can you explain to me the issue with the drums a bit better in a PM? Thanks.

I have to agree with N0E0G0A. It would be awesome if you did a bass solo or something -- that's just me though. BUT then I thought... Holy crap, where'd this come from? I love it! You totally should finish this -- it needs some more love. Keep this stuff up -- we need more music like this here! :D

I like that your lyrics begin with a story and race through thoughts and emotions. Is rare to find lyrics so descriptive and unconvoluted. You just say what you mean, and that's pretty unique now days.

As for the technical side of things, it is great that you were able to record in your bedroom. The beat and chords came through very well. The vocals, unfortunately, did not. A few times they were overpowered, though nothing major. I recommend amping your vocals up a little, but that's all I got for you. I loved it! Keep it up!

FustigateM responds:

thanks =D this is a still a work in progress too, i posted it here to look for collaborators while i polish the final track ; )

my writing means alot to me, specifically , so thank you again for the compliment. i put everything ive got into it.

Very nicely done! It is like a subjective story, with the changes in tempo and notes changing the mood or scene of the story. The recording quality is also fantastic and the lack of editing gives it the human quality that so much music lacks nowadays - mine included (for obvious reasons). Nice work!


brutalexcess responds:

Thank you! :) I am delighted you enjoy it, there will be more soon when I have the time! And your review will certainly influence my decision to edit my music.

The track definitely has the mixing, but you really need to work on the mastering. All the instruments are competing with each other, and the kick is peaking. I can see where you are trying to go with this track, and I can see it going well, but I think you should definitely try to master your tracks.

Hope to hear more from you!

The track is, overall, beautifully done. The complextro segments really do convey the feeling of entropy, very well done! Those toms O_o

The only recommendation I can make is to EQ the lows a bit. The kicks over power some of the other percussion, and towards the end of the track the sub clipped a tad. Those are minor though because... HOLY BALLS that was good! Keep it up!


It sounds like you and your friend were inspired by Coldplay.

Skitarg responds:

Neither of us are big fans of Coldplay, but we had some sort of uplifting standard pop rock song in mind, maybe that's Coldplay in a nutshell :)

Thanks for your review!

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